By the time you read this blog, you will have heard about wearing your awesome high heel shoes (Blahnik, Louboutin anyone?) for the ceremony and the reception, and then slip in those ballet flats. As advice goes, it’s quite ok, but it needs a bit of refinement.

So here are 4 important points that you might not be aware of…

1. High heels at the ceremony?

Yes, if you are used to wearing heels… Don’t use your wedding day as the first legit opportunity to wear back ruining shoes. Use heels of the same size or lower than what you are used to, so that you can enjoy your day. I haven’t heard say that your wedding day should be the most painful day of your life.

2. Flat shoes later on?

This is where, as a wedding photographer, I feel enclined to shout across the store imploring you not to go for those ballet flats. The reason? They look pretty terrible in pictures. Hardly anyone will notice those shoes, but cameras have this uncanny habit of picking up on them, while you are walking or dancing for example. Do you want to spend your afternoon feeling self-conscious, hiding your feet? I wouldn’t think so… There is a solution: be as thorough finding the right flats as you are looking for your other pair. Choose shoes with a lovely tip, satin sandals, anything that you would want to show off.

3. You could go for a “hybrid” pair of heels, rather than buy two pairs.

I went to that big M&S store on Oxford Street in London, and they had lovely low heels satin sandals in the wedding section that wouldn’t detract from the whole picture.

4. Wear your wedding shoes before the Big Day.

You should wear each pair of shoes one hour every day for a month, so that they become comfortable. This will also help you find out if some areas are likely to give you blisters. Heel discomfort on the day is one thing, blisters are reaching another level of pain.

To protect your shoes if you’re worried of soiling them, put big socks or cut tights over them as you are breaking them in.

If you have other tips, please add them in the comments!

At every wedding I get to witness through my lens, I find creativity takes many shapes… I will write here about anything I think would interest you when you are preparing your wedding, either to improve the quality of photography, or make the day more personal by inspiring you!
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